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Homeopathy Treatment for Piles

Best Homeopathy Medicines in Piles

Piles is nothing but the swelling of veins present at the rectum portion. The rectal area is supplied with hemorrhoidal veins. Every vein has the characteristic features of propelling the blood forward because it contain the V shaped valve inside its lumen. Therefore when the blood moves the valves open and close later hence preventing the backward flow of blood. If there will be greater pressure effect in the venous portion then the valves become week and bend, causing stagnation of blood. It is called the varicosis in medical term. If the veins in the rectal area are suppressed by the increasing pressure of the abdomen, there will be blood stagnation in those rectal veins called piles.

So the main reason for piles is increased abdominal pressure. If someone puts more pressure on the abdomen, then the abdominal pressure increases. If someone has constipation or has a hard stool problem, it puts more pressure during bowel movement. If someone is suffering from hyper acidity then there will be more bloating in abdomen and indirectly increases the intra-abdominal pressure. In case of pregnancy in ladies also increase the intrabdominal pressure. If there is more fluid accumulation around abdomen called ascitis condition also increase the intra abdominal pressure. So those above factors are responsible for increase of intra abdominal pressure. The Increased of intra abdominal pressure put more stress over the veins present in rectal area and result of development of piles. If the engorged vein rapture causes bleeding and if inflame causes pain.

The common treatment option in piles is of surgical removal of the swollen venous portion. But there is more chance of reappearance after the surgery too.

In homeopathy there are best homeopathy medicines for piles to cure it completely. Here are some important medicines given below

Sulphur- Sulphur has the capacity to reduce the venous congestion and venous pressure and thus helps to cure the piles. The symptoms of sulphur are pain after bowel movement, burning sensation after bowel movement, itching around the areas.

Nux Vom- Nux vom has the tendency to correct the acidity problem and of smooth bowel movement.  It cures the indigestion problem and control the acidity so reduce the belatedness of abdomen and no reduces the intra abdominal pressure.

Aesculus- It has also the role of reduction of venous congestion and thus helps in giving a cure to piles. The symptoms of aesculus are of burning sensation more felt after the bowel motion and persist for hours together. There is also constipation problem in aesculus and also have backpain along with constipation.

Hamamelis virginica- It is very useful to control the bleeding in piles.

Muriatic acid- It is useful in prolapsed and thrombosed condition of piles. The piles are protruded out during the bowel movement and very much tenderness to touch and prevent the person to sit and even walk.

Ratanhia – it is more helpful in case piles with fissure in ano. When there are multiple piles that compromises the intra rectal space of passage of stool in addition to if the person have constipation or hard stool problem then causes crack on the rectal wall while passing stool called fissure. In fissure there is intolerable burning pain during stool. Ratanhia helps in this case.

Besides the medicinal treatment there is very much important to follow the below healthy tips to cure the piles permanently

  • Always maintain a healthy food habits
  • Take more fibers rich foods
  • Avoid all sort of junk foods and fast foods
  • Avoid all fried foods
  • Drink more water
  • Take your breakfast, lunch dinner in time
  • Sleep minimum 7 hours at night
  • During piles do sitz bath with warm water 4 to 5 times in a day
  • Avoid sitting for long time

So if you are taking the treatment and following the healthy tips given above can cure your piles completely and permanently

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