Great Reasons to Join an Oregon Credit Union

With so many banks and financial institutions out there, people are unaware where to do their banking. They believe from the beginning that a bank will satisfy their needs, but it is not always the case. The best credit unions in Oregon have taken over and more and more people start choosing them. When you weigh the benefits and consider what an Oregon credit union stands for, you will not hesitate and begin the search for such an organization within your location.

What Is the Oregon Credit Union?

An Oregon credit union is a non-profit organization co-owned by members. There are some conditions to become a member, because not everyone can walk inside, open an account, and end the process. Different unions have different specifications, and it is worth going through them to know from the beginning if you qualify. The good news is that many have changed their policies and they are more open to new members. Some basic requirements include living within an area, working, studying, or worshipping there.

At a credit union, members are the ones who own the organization, they have voting rights, and they know what is going on at all times. The goal is to satisfy members, to make profit and return it to them, and not please shareholders. There aren’t any in fact, as it happens at other financial institutions. All profit is given back to members in different forms, such as lower fees, better interest rates, higher earnings on savings accounts, and such. Different services are free, such as using the ATM, using online and mobile banking.

What the Best Credit Unions in Oregon Offer

At the  best credit unions in Oregon you will find all the services you are accustomed with at banks. You can open savings and checking accounts, get credit/debit cards, loans of all kind, make investments, insurances, and such. Many people believe that most unions have small branches, and they can use the ATMs available within the area. This is not always true, because most unions are part of bigger networks and many collaborate, so that members have greater access to branches and ATMs in various locations. When you join, you are not a simple client, but a member with rights.

People who already discovered credit unions know they have low fees and rates. They can also obtain credit cards, and benefit from the same services and products as you would at a bank. When you open a savings accounts, you expect a good interest to make it worth keeping your money at a financial institution. However, when you withdraw the money, many of them apply high fees and you end up disappointed. It is good to know that not everywhere you will find the same treatment. Unions activate in favor of their members and want to stand out in a good way, which means they offer a higher return on savings and investments.

Do you plan to apply for a loan? No matter if you need funds for a new car, house, studies, to open or expand a business, rest assured that the Oregon credit union  has you covered. You can get a loan easier and faster and this is because representatives are willing to work with you to find the best solution. Even if you have a poorer credit score, you can find ways to improve it and eventually obtain the loan you need. You are not able to find such excellent customer service elsewhere. What is more, you will experience lower rates for loans, so you don’t have to pay back so much.

The Oregon credit union is insured, so people who fear to put their savings there can rest assured that their money is safe. When you want to do banking, you need to take into account all aspects and make sure you take an informed decision. What matters the most to you? What services/products you need the most? Banks are not your only options; you are free to investigate and find more alternatives. Some might work out better than you think.

Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with interest rates, fees, banking terms, and they fail to take a good decision because most institutions want to keep them in the dark. Some of them charge overdraft fees without telling clients they have reached the limit, while others don’t point out the interest you pay for credit cards. Educating consumers is necessary and an Oregon credit union does this. There are different educational programs that aim to help the community understand financial terms and conditions, and also learn how to save money, how to apply for loans, and such.

Where to Find the Best Credit Unions


The search for the best credit unions in Oregon can start online, and you can find the ones active within your location. Afterwards, go through membership requirements to find out if you are eligible. If you can join, then it is time to go through offers, product and service range, and see whether the organization has what you are looking for and if you can take your financial requests there.

The best credit unions in Oregon have excellent customer services. At any time, you can give them a call, an email, or go to the union in person and resolve any issues you have. You will find someone available, willing to listen to your inquiries and direct you in the right direction. You should be able to find the needed support at all times, especially when it comes to your finances.

Many people have already chosen the best credit unions in Oregon, and you should do the same. Your money needs to be in good hands and when you want to make a loan, at least have peace of mind that you understand all terms and conditions and you can afford the monthly rates. Unions are different indeed, especially because they are non-profit, and they are oriented towards helping the community and its members. In the end, this is all that matters.

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