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Four Tips Help You to Feed Your Baby

How to feed your baby with a bottle? Be sure to find a quiet and comfortable place to sit down. Cushion your arms with cushions or pillows if necessary. Place the child on the knee with the head in your elbow socket and support the child’s back with your forearm.

Don’t put the child in a horizontal position. Let the child sit in a semi sitting position. This can ensure that the child can breathe and swallow safely and easily, and will not choke the child.

Before feeding, drop a few drops of milk from the bottle to the skin on the inside of the wrist to check the temperature of the milk. Milk should not be too hot or too cold. You should check the flow rate of milk in advance. If not, a negative pressure will be formed in the bottle, making the bottle flat, and the baby sucks very hard. The child may lose his temper, get angry or don’t want to eat the rest of the milk. When this happens, gently pull the nipple out of the child’s mouth to let air into the bottle and then feed the milk.

You can gently touch your child’s face on your side to induce sucking reflex. When the child turns his head to you, insert the pacifier into the child’s mouth. The child will immediately suck the nipple, and suck the nipple, the whole nipple into the mouth. At this time, you need to pay attention not to poke the nipple too deep, so as not to choke the child.

Let the child inhale at his own speed. Sometimes the child may stop in the process of sucking, look around, play with the bottle and so on, these are all the happiness that the child should get. From the moment the child has just learned to milk, it should make the child feel happy when suckling. Sit facing the child and look him in the eye. Don’t just sit quietly. Talk to your child and sing. You can make whatever sound you want, but make sure your voice sounds comfortable, happy and relevant to the real environment. This is the way babies like to talk at first. Be sure to respond with actions, gestures and smiles.

In the middle of the baby’s breast feed, change your arm, which will give the child a new perspective, and you can rest your arm. At this time, you can also call the way to pat the child’s back to make it belch.

  1. Be sure to check the temperature of the milk, you can drop a few drops of milk to the skin on the inside of the wrist, and feel the temperature of the milk.
  2. In order to ensure the outflow of milk and avoid the vacuum in the bottle, the bottle cap can be slightly loosened before feeding the baby.
  3. Hold the child and sit well. Stimulate the child to cause sucking reflex before feeding the child. Gently touch the child’s face close to you, and the child will turn and aim at the pacifier.
  4. Make sure the pacifier is full of milk by making the bottle at an angle of one degree. If there is air in the pacifier, it will choke the child.
  5. After eating milk, gently and decisively remove the bottle to prevent the child from breathing in air. At this time, the child will release the bottle.
  6. If the child does not let go, you can gently put your little finger into the corner of the child’s mouth, so that the child let go of the bottle.

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