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All about the first-class housing venture a new city paradise

New city paradise introduction

In close proximity to the Burhan Interchange Taxila Wah is the wonderful residential community known as New City Paradise Housing Society. The project will be one of the most amazing and successful plans in the area, giving people a luxurious and modern living space. The top reasons to invest in New City Paradise are discussed in this blog.

Well-known developers

Ch. Saad and Ch. Qamar Zaman is the owner and developer of The New City Paradise Housing Society. The project’s development is managed by the management of New City Wah Developer Group. Ch. Junaid is owned by this company. Under the brand name NEW City Wah Cantt, this group is in charge of a balanced portfolio of residential and commercial real estate projects that have been successfully completed both locally and internationally. To accomplish the project with the utmost perfection, the developers have put together a highly qualified team of professionals.

The legal status of new city paradise

This housing development has received NOC approval and will make an excellent long-term investment in real estate. Additionally, New City Paradise now has legal validity because of the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). Additionally, it would be unusual for developers to give legal validity to a new residential area. Earning the confidence and trust of buyers and investors is extremely important.

Prime location

The site will be hardly 0 kilometers from the Burhan junction on the Islamabad M1 Motorway, which is part of the CPEC route. It is located inside the boundaries of Punjab and is conveniently close to the main GT highway. In this new house development, the best investment location will also be accessible from two different areas. Both originate from different highways, the GT Road and the M1 Motorway. The closeness to significant corporate districts and educational institutions is important.

New city paradise facilities and amenities

There will be a variety of facilities at the New City Paradise. Furthermore, these features will be accessible to this residential area.

The Essentials are All There such as:

Program for Sustainable Housing

Observation devices

Commercial Zone

park areas for kids

workout areas

Stores and malls

Broad Streets

Green Belts

Facilities for Filtration

Educational Resources

Health Care Centers


Community Center

Platform Grid

Affordable housing scheme

In the new city paradise, the most valuable amenities will be offered at the most competitive costs. The payment schedule will also contribute to the creation of an ideal investment opportunity. All investors will find the investment more alluring because inhabitants would have access to the top facilities in the world at affordable costs.


All locals will soon have access to The New City Paradise, which will provide them with one of its royal living standards and investment options. This is a long-term and profitable investment because Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman are well-known and reputable developers.

The property will also be in a prime location with many important access points. Due to the fact that it is a legal housing venture that will help make a long-term and lucrative investment, the affordability rate is high based on the original price range

New City Paradise
New City Paradise Tajart properties is glad to inform you about A well-known housing society New City Paradise is famous for its growing connections.


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