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5 Amazing Features that Make Retail Apps Stand out

The retail industry has seen many changes over the last few years. However, the most notable is the rise of mobile retail apps.

Apps for retail have gained immense popularity because they allow consumers to shop more easily and conveniently than traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Due to the sheer number of applications available on the market, retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to use mobile retail apps to increase sales and generate revenue. We have created a complete list of features consumers want in retail apps.

Every business should include these five features in its retail app development to increase sales conversions.


5 Features Retail Apps Consumers Love Most :

  1. Product Details

Online shoppers want full details about the product to decide whether to purchase it. Retail management apps should show the prices and availability of all products and display realistic product reviews and demos.

Consumers must be able to price-check an item. This is because they can determine if it fits within their budget. Retail companies that are honest about their pricing and products can be trusted more by customers.

Customers want to know whether an item is available online or in-store. A product listing that includes information about the item’s availability, its price, and the date it will be restocked is more likely to get a customer to buy the product.

Customers often visit traditional shops to see the product in person and feel how it looks. You can also do this in retail mobile apps that offer product demos. You can ask the developers to create an e-commerce app that offers multiple product previews. These include static visual images, videos, and even a 3D model.


  1. Wish Lists

In all retail applications, wish lists are a popular choice with customers. Users can store, share and shop goods on the move with wish lists. When browsing shopping apps, wish lists allow users to save their favorite products and plan to buy them soon.

The wishlist function is extremely beneficial for mobile buyers as it saves them time searching through the product catalog for the items they want.

 The wishlist function is also very beneficial for businesses. This feature allows online retailers to enhance their customers’ purchasing experience and boost sales of retail mobile apps.

Both businesses and consumers can benefit from wish lists. Failure to use the feature could have significant consequences for customer experience and revenue.


  1. Customised and interactive user experience

Retail trading apps best understand the user, their brand preferences, and what they buy. Then, they make recommendations based on the user’s specific interests. Retail apps require excellent UI/UX development.

For the back-end, use technology such as AI and Machine Learning to collect user data easily. This allows the retailer to keep stock of certain products, styles, and brands to meet customer preferences.

This improves the customer experience and encourages them to continue shopping on your retail app.


  1. Loyalty and Discounts

Push notifications are a powerful tool for retail applications to remind customers about product launches and special promotions. A well-thought-out push notification strategy can help you convert as many customers as possible to paying customers if you consider retail app development.

You can use consumer behavior insights, preferences, and past purchase history to remind them of new discounts on items in their cart or wish list.

Loyalty programs, which offer incentives for frequent purchases, are another great way of attracting new customers or retaining existing customers.

Annex Cloud’s research shows that retailers who create a customer loyalty program either by themselves or through a front-end development company have seen the following results: A 5-10% increase in revenue, 5-20% increase in customer frequency purchases, and client spending.


  1. Quick Checkout with Multiple Payment Options

Retailers want to make impulse purchases a priority. A glitch at the checkout can distinguish between a successful transaction or a lost opportunity. Any delay or problem could also lead to doubts and eventually lost revenue.

Mobile app buying should have one purpose: to provide clients with a quick, efficient, and error-free ordering process and purchase procedure.

Customers should also be able to pay for purchases using any method that suits them best. Cash is slowly disappearing as more mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal. Soon debit and credit cards will follow. 

Customers who would rather use these alternative payment methods may opt to switch to a competitor if they cannot do so through your app.


The Last Word :

NogaTech is a top app development company that can most cost-effectively help you implement these five essential elements. We also recommend other relevant features to your business and retail brand.

If you are interested in developing retail mobile apps, schedule a consultation today!

Author Bio:

ManMohan is the founder and CEO of NogaTech IT Solutions LLC, one of the leading app development companies in the USA, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites like top app development companies.
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