Fahim gave Haspil a chance to pay even after embezzling the money

New York police have arrested 21-year-old Tyres Haspil on charges of killing Fahim Saleh, co-founder of Bangladesh’s ride-sharing service Pathao. Police believe Haspil was Fahim Saleh’s assistant. They say Fahim Saleh owed a large sum of money to Haspil.

Rodney Harrison, chief of the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Department, told reporters after Haspil’s arrest on Friday that the man in charge was in charge of the victim’s (Fahim Saleh) financial and personal affairs. It is believed that the victim received a large sum of money from the accused.
Tyres Haspil is accused of brutally hacking Fahim Saleh to death after hitting him with an electric teaser song – which can be used to temporarily freeze people.
The mutilated body of 33-year-old Fahim Saleh was found in a luxury apartment in Manhattan, New York on Tuesday. The apartment was owned by Fahim Saleh.
Details of Fahim Saleh’s murder were leaked after New York police arrested Tyres Haspil. Police initially speculated that professional killers were involved in the killings.
But the New York Times reports that some of the investigators suspected that Haspil was trying to mislead detectives into giving the impression that the killings were carried out by professional assassins.
On Tuesday, Fahim Saleh’s sister went to her Manhattan apartment to see the first body. At the end of the preliminary investigation, it is believed that he was killed on Monday.
Citing New York Police Department intelligence chief Rodney Harrison, CNN reported that Haspil stabbed Saleh with an electric teaser before killing him on Monday afternoon.
According to the New York Times and the New York Post, citing an intelligence official, Haspil rented a car and drove to a Manhattan store to buy apartment cleaning supplies after Fahim was killed. During this time Haspil rented a car with a credit card.
The New York Times reported that the next Tuesday, Haspil went to Fahim Saleh’s apartment to remove signs of the murder.
The New York Times reported, citing police officials, that Fahim Saleh’s sister was on her way to the apartment on Tuesday afternoon when the killer’s body was dismembered. Before Fahim Saleh’s sister came upstairs, Haspil went out through the back door and down the stairs.
The New York Post quoted their source as saying that Haspil grew up in a house on Crosby Street in New York on Wednesday through the house rental app Airbnb. He also completed the transaction with a credit card, which led investigators to search for Haspil.
The New York Times reports that Haspil also bought the teaser used on Fahim Saleh using his credit card. NBC New York reports that police have been conducting investigations into his Brooklyn apartment and the apartment where he was arrested since Haspel’s arrest.
Citing police after Fahim Saleh’s body was found on Tuesday, the New York Times reported that security cameras at the apartment showed Fahim Saleh entering the same elevator with a man wearing a black suit and black mask. When the elevator stopped in front of Fahim Saleh’s apartment, they both got out.
Fahim Saleh then entered his apartment. Then the man followed Fahim Saleh. Police say a scuffle broke out between the two. According to the New York Times and CNN, the accused embezzled Fahim Saleh’s money but did not take action against him, giving him a chance to repay it.

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