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How Do We Fix an Epson Printer Prints Blank Pages?

How Do We Fix an Epson Printer Prints Blank Pages?

We can easily handle the Epson printers. It is easier for us to use the Epson printer when we follow instructions properly. Most of the time, it works well. Sometimes Epson printers prints blank pages. It makes users worried because their work is interrupted. Users must know why Epson printers print blank Pages. Knowing the reasons for the current errors helps us fix them. Here we also discuss various methods to fix printers’ prints blank pages.

Why Does Epson Printer Prints Blank Pages?

It is also a common error that occurs at various times in Epson printers. When users see that an Epson printer not printing anything, so they want to know its reason. Here we check the primary reason for Epson printers’ printing blank pages.

  • Low or empty ink cartridges.
  • Incorrect paper size.
  • Wrongly install ink cartridges.
  • The issue is the printer software.
  • Clogged nozzles of Epson printer
  • The printer driver does not install properly.
  • Not using the device for a long time, so the ink nozzles dried up.

How to Fix the Printer Printing Blank Pages?

It becomes more important for users to fix the Epson printer to print blank pages. Let us check different ways to fix the existing error.

Review Ink Cartridges

Three different types of situations come in Epson printer. The ink level is low, which is the most common condition. The problem is solved by simply replacing it. Ink is running out in one of your ink cartridges. We cannot print or copy when an ink cartridge is empty. There is a need to replace ink cartridges when it is dispensed. It also becomes the reason Epson printers print blank pages. Sometimes we don’t remove the protective tape from the ink cartridges when we replace them. It is necessary to note that new cartridges come with protective tape. There is a need to remove the protective tape, so they work correctly. 

Clean Clogged Nozzles

When we do not use the printer for a long time so their nozzles become clogged. We must clean them properly. It comes with a built-in feature that helps in cleaning nozzles in one or two cycles. We can use them to clean the printer. Users can follow these steps. There is a need to Press the Home button on the printer.

  • Now we choose Setup and move to Maintenances.
  • Here we pick Printhead Nozzle check.
  • To check which nozzles are blocked, the printer produces a page with four colored grids.
  • We can select Clean the printhead if there is a gap or lines are faint.
  • After these steps, we can check the Epson printer not responding is solved or not.

It is vital to follow all instructions for cleaning the printhead, and it is good not to use it regularly. There is a need to give the rest of the 6 hours to the printer for another cycle.

Update Printer Driver

We can easily update the Printer driver by using two methods, manually and automatically. There is a need to use these steps to update the printer driver.


Download the Epson printer driver by searching for your printer on the Epson support website. There is a need to find the drivers matching your specific flavor of Windows, and download them manually. After downloading an accurate printer, there is a need to double-click on the downloaded file. Here we can follow all the on-screen instructions and install the driver. 


Users can also go to settings and make their changes and set an automatic update printer driver. It becomes easy for users to update the printer driver. After using an updated printer driver, it automatically fixes the Epson printer printing blank page.

 Restart Your Epson Printer

When the Epson printer prints a blank page that is not fixed, there is a need to restart the Epson printer. It helps in removing minor issues that cause blank pages. The first step to restarting it is to press the power button. Now remove the cables and power plug for a few minutes. 

  • There is a need to tap the “Power” key.
  • Wait until your printer completely shut down.
  • Here, we remove its power plug for a few minutes.
  • We can attach the power plug and other wires.
  • Turn on the device. 
  • There is a need to settle the printing blank pages Epson problem.

Manually Clean the Device’s Printhead

It is also necessary to clean the printhead regularly. We can use a clean piece of cloth to wipe off all stains using a clean piece of cloth. 

  • There is a need to remove every cartridge safely.
  • We can now remove the printhead.
  • There is a need to use a clean cloth and take warm water.
  • Here we clean all the areas properly.
  • After this, we dip the printhead in warm water for a few minutes.
  • Here, we remove the print head from the bowl and make it dry.
  • Now we install it properly.
  • It is vital to run the process of the nozzle check.

Wrap Up

We can easily fix the Epson printer prints blank pages with the above methods. Users can use the above methods and follow the all instructions. It becomes easier for them to fix the problem. 

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