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What Is Ecotherm Board Insulation  And What Is It Made Of?

What Is Ecotherm Board Insulation  And What Is It Made Of?

Your home might not be as comfortable as you’d like it, so you’re thinking about Ecotherm insulation and want to know more about it.

Ecotherm insulation 100mm is suitable for installation within any cavity of your home, however should you want to install it into your walls, you’ll need to cut away the wall.

Let’s examine what Ecotherm insulation is and how it works, along with the components that it’s composed of and how it’s put in place.

What Exactly Is Ecotherm Board Insulation?

Ecotherm board insulation are rigid insulation panels of polystyrene, polyisocyanurate or polyurethane according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Ecotherm boards can be used to fill every cavity in your home all the way from bottom to top and even walls in the event that you’re renovating and the drywall is falling down. It can also be install it in the spaces within the barn poles.

The tough Ecotherm Eco Versal comes with a variety of lengths and thicknesses, and faces that allow it to be modifie to meet the needs of the specific project.

There are various kinds of Siniat weather defence that have a white foil that acts as a vapor barrier on both sides to prevent water from flowing through it. It could also hinder the development of mould.

Have You Seen What Ecotherm Board Insulation Works?

Ecotherm insulation offers extremely thermally resistant material that assists in limiting heat transfer in structural elements including wood studs, as per the U.S. DOE.

Conduction is the process of transferring of heat across a material Therefore, a decrease in heat conduction due to Ecotherm eco versal can help keep your home cooler if it’s installed properly.

What Is The R-Value?

If you conduct your own investigation, you’ll find a myriad of information regarding R-Value. But don’t believe that this figure will convince you that the insulation’s capacity to make sure your home’s comfort is higher than that number.

R-Value is an indicator of insulation material’s resistance to heat transfer. The higher the R-Value Is, the more insulating capacity of the material in certain circumstances.

Knowing how R-Value works is helpful, it’s not the only gauge for everything insulation related.

What Exactly Is Ecotherm Board Insulation Made Of?

The most widely used materials employed in the manufacture of Ecotherm board insulation are polystyrene (polyisocyanurate), Polys (polyiso) as well as polyurethane.

Polystyrene is colourless and is a clear thermoplastic as define by the U.S. DOE. It can be mold expand polystyrene that is use to make Ecotherm boards, expand polystyrene (EPS) and extrude polystyrene (XPS).

The EPS and the XPS are up of polystyrene. It is compose of small pieces of plastic which have be join together. The XPS is a liquid substance, which is then compress into sheets.

Polyisocyanurate is a thermosetting type of plastic, close cell Ecotherm that contains low-conductivity, hydrochlorofluorocarbon-free gas in its cells.

Over time, polyisocyanurate is likely to low its R-Value as some of the gas which is not conducting will be release, and then replace with air.

The polyurethane material is an Eco Versal Which can be either an open or closed cell. A reflective foil placed in an open space could be an effective barrier to radiation.

Pros And Cons Of Ecotherm Board Insulation

It is vital to evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of each insulation material.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages for Ecotherm insulation.


The Ecotherm products for insulation are specifically design to repel water. This can help limit any humidity which could be a problem in your home and decrease the likelihood of the growth of mold.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the one as well as the sole Ecotherm board that doesn’t have HCFCs in its production.

The expanded polystyrene boards can be the most affordable Ecotherm board available today.

The installation of ecotherm panels may be a DIY task suitable for handymen with previous prior experience.


The joints between sheets and boards must be seal or tape in order to prevent the flow of air from your home.

The Superglass Acoustic Insulation have to be cut precisely to accommodate the area in which it will be placed in.

Expanded polystyrene boards have air bubbles that hinder heat transfer, but they may absorb moisture which means it is not suitable to stop mold and mildew growth.

Ecotherm polyisocyanurate sheets could lose their ability to insulate as time passes.

Ecotherm rigid boards are slightly more costly than traditional insulation materials.

Install Process Ecotherm Panel Insulation

The process to increase your home’s energy efficient through the installation of an Ecotherm board is simple to follow. The material can be turn into an DIY project, but it’s important to make sure that you’ve complete the project correctly and if not, you’ll end up uncomfortable.

It is important that the Ecotherm Insulation 100mmhas be in such a way that it is perfectly size for the location it’s to be install. Then, you’ll require caulk or tape to make sure your board remains secure and seal.

If you do not seal the panel, air still gets to circulate the Ecotherm panel, air can still circulate through Ecotherm panel. Ecotherm boards can be place on your roof deck’s attic flooring, walls expose and rim joists and or in the crawl space.

Do You Think Your Home Is In Need Of A Refresh?

If you’re looking into the options for insulation, you’re likely to discover that the insulation in your home isn’t performing as it ought to. You will find more than a dozen indicators and signs that your house needs new insulation.

The Significance Of Residential And Commercial Building Insulation

If you’re considering the advantages of various projects that use energy to cut down on the energy use in your home the installation of insulation is usually in the top spot on the list. One other alternative that aren’t nearly to the advantages in terms of price is sealing huge air gaps inside the home.

It’s important to be aware that a lot of home insulation projects are achievable by homeowners who are willing to invest the effort and time. Its Fact Sheet discusses some of the most crucial aspects to consider when planning undertaking an insulation work.

Fundamentals Of Insulation

The premise behind insulation used for construction is easy to grasp. Anyone who has ever trie the Ecotherm recycling plastic container will know that the ice will stay inside the Ecotherm layer for longer than if it were store in a plastic bag.

The Ecotherm stops the flow of heat from the warmer exterior of the cooler and into its cooler inside. It’s difficult to avoid the cold since there’s nothing to be describe as “cold.” The only thing that’s cold is heat, and it constantly moves from areas with more heat to those with lower heat.

Ecotherm’s capacity or that of any other material’s capability to block the transfer of heat is explain in the coefficient of resistance to heat transfer commonly refer to in”The “R” numbers. This is the R-value that you will find print on insulation roll of the hardware store.

Certain building materials use certain building materials that employ the “U” numbers (Heat conductance) instead of. It is actually opposite to R Value and shows how easy it is for heat to be able to flow through the surface.

Windows are usually rate using U-Value, not R value but the concept is the same. R-values are the foundation on this Fact Sheet.

The Thickness of Insulation

Rockwool insulation Rwa45 is typically characterize by its R-value per square inch , or the specifie thickness, like 3/4 inches. The R-value is increase in an linear or constant manner as the thickness increases.

For instance, if a single inch of fibreglass insulation from fiberglass is rate at 3.2 and two inches of that batt will be rate R at 6.4 and double that insulation capability of an inch thickness.

Different insulation materials have different R-values. The different resistances can be an issue when they are join. A typical wall could consist of a brick face that is surround by vapor retardant boards, insulation from Gypsum board of fiberglass or stucco or paint.



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