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Drupal and Shopify-Which Platform is Better in 2022

Drupal and Shopify-Which Platform is Better in 2022

Drupal and Shopify have both proven themselves as giants in their spheres to such an extent that now their customer bases are overlapping. This automatically springs a question as to which one is the better platform. Let us take a deep dive into the various features and compare which platform is the most suited for you.

Drupal Vs Shopify:

  • Ease of Use:

When we compare Drupal and Shopify based on their ease of usage, Shopify comes out on top. This is due to the fact that Drupal has a challenging initial learning curve, and requires proper coding skills to build a website on it. One has to invest a lot of time and effort into learning the basics.

Shopify on the other hand has an effortless learning curve. Just make an account on Shopify, create your brand and start selling, it’s that simple. You will find all the relevant information on the website of Shopify and you can easily get your shop online.

Well, another thing to consider is that one can easily hire developers to create the website for them. Nowadays you can easily find a Drupal expert who can help you to build your online shop. 

  • Features:

    • Themes and Plugins: 

Drupal provides a wide variety of themes and modules to choose from. One generally chooses a customized theme and this requires a professional developer who can design their websites.

The community formed by the Drupal development company has made significant contributions by building various plugins, many of which are free to use. This allows businesses to easily utilize such facilities in setting up their shop.

Spotify on the other hand provides you with 73 themes in total which need to be bought separately. It should be noted that all these themes are eye-catching and allow the user to develop their store for different devices while also providing the option to add your own customized theme.

Coming to plugins the Shopify store connects you with over 3100 apps and provides you with various tools to help you build from the start. Some of the facilities are SEO, marketing, analysis, design, etc. 

  • Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is the art of connecting the buyer and the wholesaler. You simply accept the order and the payment and forward it to the wholesaler. These kinds of stores are becoming extremely popular on Drupal and Shopify.

Shopify can help you connect with the various apps and platforms which are ideal for a dropshipping business such as Aliexpress and Oberlo. You need to pay extra membership fees for such expansions. 

Drupal does not have the backing of such a huge app store, but what it lacks in this aspect it covers up by providing scalability and flexibility necessary in the business. 

  • Payment Process:

Since Drupal is not an online marketplace but rather a Content management system, it does not provide the most optimized payment methods like Shopify.

  • Ability to extend and customize:

Almost nothing can beat the flexibility that Drupal provides you while building your website. Drupal has worked wonders in providing thousands of plugins that can help you design a unique website displaying your brand’s message and message. 

Shopify on the other hand does allow you to design themes and plugins, it comes at a cost most of the time and it does not match up to the standards of Drupal.  You can hire Shopify experts to customize your Shopify website as per your brand’s needs.

  • Security:

Security is a primary concern for any website development company. Drupal has done a tremendous job in dealing with PCI compliances. You can seek help from any Drupal development company to keep up with the latest security practices. The massive community of Drupal handles any issue that crops up effectively and most importantly very soon.

Spotify also is equally capable of holding its own when it comes to security. They are in total control of their framework and have made sure to comply with all the security and privacy norms that are best for your organization.

  • Customer support:

Drupal and Shopify have robust customer support in place to solve all the doubts and help their customers. However, there are subtle differences between the two. 

Shopify has various customer care services via emails, live chat, and phone while it also provides a feature known as Shopify Experts that will help you to connect with various professionals in the field. These may include sales, design, SEO, etc. This allows you to easily hire Shopify experts.

In the case of Drupal, it is extremely difficult to get in touch with the core development team. But the community is sufficient in handling any problem that is thrown at them. The customer team works extremely hard to ensure that everything works well.

  • Performance:

Drupal has extensive customizability and hence will allow you to incorporate various modules and plugins which can help you launch the best possible website. It will allow you to use all-in-one SEO tools that will help you in keeping your website at the topmost searched option on google.

Shopify on the other hand has its own benefits. Its ease of use and connection with various applications allows for seamless integration and powerful SEO tools. But one should remember that Shopify is primarily an eCommerce website and thus Drupal has an edge over Shopify if you consider it a content management service.

  • Pricing and Transaction fees:

Shopify provides its customers with three plans namely:

  • Basic Shopify: 29$ per month
  • Shopify: 79$ per month
  • Advanced Shopify: 299$ per month.

There are also various discounts that can be availed if you are opting for an annual or biennial plan. Shopify also offers its customers two plans known as Shopify lite and Shopify Plus. One can easily choose their plans based on their requirements.

Drupal on the other hand is completely free. Even though this might look lucrative, if you are unaware of coding then Drupal can be a nightmare. Thus you will need to hire an expert which will cost you money. 

Which is your ideal e-Commerce Platform?

Both Drupal and Shopify have perks and shortcomings. They excel under specific conditions. While Drupal is more of a content management system rather than a selling platform it can help you to create unique and customized websites. Thus if this requirement is suitable for you then Drupal is your go-to CMS.

Whereas if you are just looking to sell your products and not focus too much on building a website to brand them Shopify is your guy.



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