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Data Center Design Mistakes You Need to Watch Out

Data Center Design Mistakes You Need to Watch Out

Building a data center from scratch is nothing less than constructing a multistory building. Constructing the facility is one thing, while designing the data center infrastructure, cabling, telecommunication, and other networks is the second. Most authorities highlight only the immediate goals and try to speed up the process according to them.

However, it is a wrong practice that can make you pay in the long term instead of reaping benefits. Data center design is the root of the whole process and setup. You need to plan for decades to come, although little changes will be taken care of with time. Staying aware of common mistakes can save you from greater loss.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to get your hands on data center design mistakes you need to watch out for better management and smooth handling of all matters.

Top 6 Data Center Design Mistakes You Should Not Make

Data center designing is not an easy task. It requires proper skills and expertise in designing and implementing the networks. You must have ample knowledge and expertise across various channels to accomplish the goal smoothly. Even if you think you have the necessary skills, you can overlook a few details and end up committing mistakes. Learning about them in advance can help you avoid them.

Here are the major data center design mistakes you need to avoid at all costs to limit inconvenience and loss.

1).  Poor Infrastructure Assessment

The first and foremost data center design mistake you need to watch out for is poor infrastructure assessment. You do not only need a detailed plan for the location and facility where the center will be established, but for every little aspect. It includes detail of equipment, telecommunication, arrangements, and installation. A little mistake can cause a huge loss. This is why authorities contact telecommunication infrastructure Dubai based experts and get foolproof designs and installations with long-term functioning.

2).  Misaligned Business Objectives

Misaligned business objectives are another crucial data center design mistake you must watch out for. Establishing a data center will not offer you the benefits and profits you expect if you ignore prior planning. You need to be well aware of the purpose, objectives, and requirements of your data center to get started. Misaligned objectives will only lead to disruption in work and operations time and again. It will also slow down overall progress and cause loss after the completion of the data center too, so avoid that path.

3).  Miscalculating Total Cost of Ownership

Miscalculating the total cost of ownership is another crucial data center design mistake you should never commit. You need to manage and calculate the operating cost, operation expenses, energy costs, and all other aspects in a great deal. Miscalculating any cost will add loss to your account and make you cut short your budget to manage the expenses. If you are not too confident about handling it efficiently, it is much better to hire experts to manage everything efficiently and save you from loss.

4).  Choosing Site before Design

Choosing a data center site before the design is another grave mistake you need to avoid at all costs. The design of the data center should be your top priority to manage all your operations smoothly and secure additional benefits. Choosing the site before the design will make you amend the design according to available space. It might not seem like an issue; however, it can make you compromise on a lot of aspects. So, do not ignore it and follow the best interests of your data center.

5).  Choosing Equipment Randomly

Another grave data center design mistake you need to watch out for is choosing the equipment randomly. Data centers require hardware equipment, as well as cabling and networking essentials, to build a proper network. You cannot choose the equipment randomly while thinking it will offer the same benefits you are looking for. Instead, you need to pay attention to every little detail in terms of equipment. It will help you secure the best equipment which will work efficiently for life. It will also save you from additional expenses and equipment loss so pay due attention to it.

6).  Ignoring Design Timeline

The last and most crucial data center design mistake you should essentially avoid is ignoring the design timeline. You cannot just randomly start the design or its implementation. It is a step-by-step process while ensuring the perfect functioning of the initial arrangement. Ignoring the timeline will only lead to cost overruns and cause more loss. If you do not want that, stick to the timeline. You can also hire telecommunication infrastructure Dubai-based experts and let them plan, design, and implement everything efficiently.

Do you need help with data center design?

Taking the job into your hands when you lack technical skills and expertise will do nothing good to you. Contact and consult professional infrastructure design experts to plan and implement the network design smoothly and help you secure more benefits.



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