Corona’s ‘portable’ invention for little money!

The death toll from the epidemic in Corona has exceeded 5.5 million. Thousands of people are being infected every day in India, a South Asian country. In India too, the number of corona cases has crossed 7 lakh.

In the last 24 hours, another 26,114 people have been newly infected with the corona virus. In this situation, the scientists of Oxford showed the light of hope. They have developed a ‘portable’ device smaller than a cheap fist for corona detection.

The device is only 2 inches long. It was created by a team of researchers from Oxford University working in China. They claim that this lamp will be able to report the results of the corona test in just 30 to 45 minutes with the help of technology dependent device.

By using this lamp technology, the results of various tests are being reported in different laboratories. Here too the viral RNA testing method has been simplified with the help of RT lamp technology.

The FDA has recently approved such a ‘portable’ device made by the US agency BD for corona testing. Named BD Variator Plus, the device is similar in size to a smartphone.

The device claims that it is possible to collect mucus from the nose with the help of the device and give accurate results of corona test in a short time through antigen test.

However, the device, made by Oxford scientists, is much smaller in size than the BD Variator Plus. The device, made by Oxford scientists, could cost as little as 25.

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