Corona Vaccine: Germany’s “Cure Vac” has a honey problem

The German biotech company Kurevac, which is conducting research on corona vaccine, is facing a honey problem. From May, 4,000 people are willing to take part in the second phase of the exam, where only 16 people are needed.

The German medical science and biotech company Kiervac Corona is showing the light of hope. The vaccine produced by the company has so far gained the confidence of the masses since it was applied to 50 people. The reason, locals say, is the organization’s honesty and relentless efforts to save lives.

One German said that German vaccine innovation institutes are very focused on improving and controlling the quality of their research. At the same time, it deserves praise for its constructive work in accordance with international law, including control.

Meanwhile, 4,000 applications have been received in place of 16 people in the first phase of Tika examination. Experts hope that the vaccine will reach African countries besides Bangladesh at the same time after the second phase of testing on children and maternity mothers.

“We want the vaccine to be used only by Germans in Germany after the second round of screening,” said one of the experts. At the same time, we are trying and hopeful that it will reach Bangladesh and other parts of the world.

If all goes well, the research institute, which is convinced to beat Corona, has also planned a multi-million dose.

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