Corona: again risen deaths and identities around the world

Coronavirus deaths have risen again around the world in 24 hours. About six thousand people died. In one day, the infection was detected in about 2.5 million. So far, 5 lakh 61 thousand people have died and 1 crore 35 lakh people have been infected with coronavirus.

After more than 900 deaths in the United States, the death toll has risen to more than 139,000. Eighty-five thousand new infections have been identified, affecting 3.5 million people.

Brazil saw the highest death of the day. After more than 1,300 deaths on Tuesday, the death toll in the country is closer to a quarter of a million. 19 lakh affected.

The death toll in Mexico has exceeded 36,000. 3 lakh 11 thousand people affected. India has recorded about 700 deaths so far, with about 30,000 new infections detected. As a result, the total death toll in the country has exceeded 24,000; About 9 lakh affected. The number of victims surpassed the United Kingdom on this day. Potential new hotspots are South Africa. Upward transmission continues in Australia.

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