Common Gynecological Problems In Women

Every woman is prone to some kind of gynecological problem or the other. In situations like this it becomes extremely important to choose the best women’s healthcare in Rochester Hills, Michigan.


Most of these gynecological problems are treatable and mild. But there might be certain cases where these are extreme. If the condition is too severe, you will want to reach out to the best gynaecologist in Rochester Hills. These severe conditions can often cause a lot of complications thereby having a significant impact on fertility. Furthermore, these problems tend to affect the lifestyle thereby having a significant negative impact on mental health.


It is advisable to go for constant checkup at GYN in Rochester Hills. Constant checkups can help to prevent the risk of these complications from growing. Some of the prominent gynecological problems that tend to affect women once in their lifetime include the following



This is one of the most common conditions affecting people during their pains. It causes severe cramping across the lower back thereby leading to back pain.


Although back pain is common in women during periods, many of them suffer from severe pain. This pain further has an impact on day-to-day life. This condition of extreme pain is referred to as dysmenorrheal. The restrictions of oxygen supply due to severe contractions of the uterus is referred to as dysmenorrheal. You may want to go to the doctor for checkup but the pain usually subsides as one gets older or with childbirth.


Ovarian Cysts

Although ovarian Cysts are normal, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. The expert gynecologists in Rochester Hills suggest to act upon it immediately. Ovarian Cysts vary in size. Many women don’t even know that they have ovarian cysts and tend to live life normally. However, if these cysts are large, it will start affecting your daily life.


Ovarian Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that grow and develop around the ovaries. They may or may not be the same as tumors’ . Often, these ovarian cysts disappear on their own by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, in many cases, they do not which is why the doctor may recommend oral contraceptive pills. If the cyst is huge, the doctor may recommend surgery.



Endometriosis refers to the condition when the inner lining of the uterus grows beyond the walls of the uterus. It begins from the ovaries and fallopian tubes and then spreads to other parts. However, the exact reason for endometriosis is not known. Make sure to keep a close check with the symptoms such as painful intercourse, bleeding between periods, abdominal pain and digestive issues.


Polycystic ovarian disease

PCOD and polycystic ovarian disease affects the follicles. It causes various fertility issues and lowers the number of eggs produced in the ovaries. It is a serious condition that needs to be addressed immediately or it can cause problems like depression and mood swings.


If you are suffering from health issues, you need to reach out to experts at GYN Rochester Hills. It is advisable to check every condition for better benefits.

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