Causes of frequent urination and way to get rid

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the cause of infection in the organs that work to produce urine and remove it from the body. Nowadays, the prevalence of this disease is very common among girls. However, with a little caution we can get rid of the disease.

Causes of urinary tract infection (UTI) :

* The majority are bacteria (95%) and in some cases fungus, proteus, kebsiella, pseudomonas.
* It may also be due to many allergic causes (seen to be temporary).
* Symptoms of UTI can be seen only if germs remain in the urine for a long time.
* Urinary tract infections are very common in girls. Because the length of the urinary tract of the girls is short, the length of the urinary tract of the female is only 1.5 inches, while the boys are 8 inches.
* The urinary bladder and vagina of girls are very close ; many girls use dirty cloths during menstruation, in which the organism infects the urinary tract first and then the vagina.
* Girls are more prone to stabbing without urinating, so they are more likely to become infected.
* People who drink less water.
* People who have diabetes.
* If the prostate gland is large.
* The peoples are older than sixty, their immunity is less.

Symptoms :

1) Frequent urination
2) Feeling of severe pressure in the urine
3) Pain, irritation and unbearable feelings during urination
4) Feeling pain in the abdomen naturally or for pressure
5) Dense foam-like or smelly urine
6) Fever with tremor or without tremor
7) Nausea and vomiting
8) Pain in the middle side of the waist or in the back
9) Sleep repeatedly at night due to urine pressure.

Ways to prevent :

* Drink water and other liquids such as fruit juice, dab water etc. repeatedly throughout the day. Water and other fluids keep the urinary system clean by preventing infection and growth of germs.
* Use toilet tissue from front to back after bathroom use. So that the germs of the anus do not transmit the urinary tract.
* Must urinate before and after sexual intercourse. So that all the germs in the urinary tract are cleansed.
* Many womens UTI begins after intercourse. In that case, after cohabitation, anti-UTI antibiotics may be taken as per the doctor’s advice.

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