Causes and remedies for AC explosion

Due to the extreme heat in the country, most people are turning to air conditioning (AC). And this summer, AC is also running in various amazing offers. But even if AC is used, the explosion of AC is increasing due to various negligence. So many are going to die. So even if the use of AC increases, be careful in use.

Let’s not know the cause of the AC explosion and what can be done to prevent it.

Cause of the explosion:
1. AC power only if you do not use the correct spec.
2. If there is dirt in the AC condenser, high temperature and high pressure are created in the compressor.
3. If there is a blockage somewhere in the pipe inside the AC, high pressure can be created inside the AC and the compressor may explode.
4. Charging more refrigerant than the limit of the compressor creates high pressure.
5. If the compressor does not have the required amount of refrigerant, the inside temperature rises above the limit.
6. If you do not vacuum the AC properly.
7. If the refrigerant is not charged properly in the compressor, high pressure is created in the compressor.
8. If you do not use a circuit breaker with the correct rating.

Ways to prevent AC explosion:
1. Use only good quality and accurate spec power.
2. Keep the AC condenser clean regularly.
3. Checking high temperature and high pressure in compressor.
4. Check if there is any blockage in the pipe inside the AC.
5. Check whether the compressor has the required refrigerant with an experienced and trusted company technician.
6. Do not charge the refrigerant beyond the compressor limit.
7. Properly vacuum the AC.
8. Properly charge the refrigerant in the compressor.
9. Using trusted and reliable brand AC, compressor and refrigerant.
10. Refrain from buying and using low quality unknown or counterfeit brand AC and compressors.
11. Using the correct rated circuit breaker.

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