What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting ?

In a word, web hosting is a place where websites are kept. The concept of web hosting is easy to understand if you take things step by step. A website is stored on a computer, in the same way that your personal files are stored on your home computer; The only big difference is that a “website storage computer” is connected to an extremely fast network so that visitors can display the website quickly and easily. The home website is the “computer which is known as the server” (because they serve information to visitors), and the server that maintains the company, which is called a “host” it is usually from a home for different sites and servers.

Of course, web servers also need to be protected, software must be installed and updated, internet connections must be established, optimized, secured and monitored, and clients will be assisted as needed. So web hosting is not only associated with providing computer to house websites; It involves all of those other technical and support functions.

It is certainly possible to host a website from your home or office without the help of a web host. However, it is a somewhat complicated process and requires constant attention to ensure that the website will remain available, and in most cases the speed and performance of the website will not stop coming to one that is located on a webhost’s server. Therefore, almost all individuals and businesses with websites use web hosting services.

Different types of hosting:

Free Hosting:
There are some hosting companies that will let you use hosting for free. But there are some limitations such as Bandwidth / Monthly Traffic is very low. Security is not tight. You will not receive any domain names.

Shared Hosting:
This hosting is the most popular and prevalent. The hosting that we are using or the hosting that is usually offered by hosting providers is all shared hosting. A professional or a self-contained server on a large site needs a certain amount of service. Bringing all these benefits to your own server becomes quite expensive. Shared Hosting is suitable for them. The security of this server is low because there are many client sites (starting from 10 and more) together. Besides, you will not get unlimited database, email, bandwidth, all are limited. Hosting with a very good hosting provider can get you the maximum benefits in a shared hosting package.

Reseller Hosting:
This hosting is basically a virtual hosting account created by letting others buy and sell some things in your space. Usually reseller companies offering hosting equipment offer your own “to make it easier to present yourself as a hosting company,” set up with an online system and manage each client’s account on the server, in your own name your bill client, and it allows you to really host them Are displayed.

Dedicated Hosting:
This hosting requires a dedicated server. It is very expensive. This hosting can be done if your website is very large and needs strict security. Here you will find the amount of hardware you cost. The busier the site, the more powerful the hardware. There are 2 types of this hosting

Managed Hosting: Hosting providers will do everything such as security, server setup, network configuration, installing any software, etc. They have to pay a certain amount for it.

Unmanaged Hosting: If you are a server administrator, that is, if you can do all the work yourself on this web server, then it will be Unmanaged Hosting. This will save you a lot of money. Server management can be learned. There are thousands of tutorials on the web, if you want you can learn and run your own work.

VPS (Vertual Private Server) Hosting:
VPS hosting is between shared and dedicated hosting. All the hardware resources on the dedicated server will be given to you alone and your site will be on one server. And there will be thousands more sites with your site in shared hosting. The details are above. In VPS hosting, a dedicated server usually shares a few. For example, a server with 16 GB of RAM gives you 4 GB and the rest is given to 3 more people thus sharing / limiting all the resources. Any software can be installed just like a dedicated server. Usually you will take such hosting package when you do not need all the resources of a dedicated server, then the work is also to save some money.

Search engine optimization (SEO) tips

What is search engine optimization (SEO) ? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the submission of a web page to a search engine. By which the search engine can understand the content of the website. And when a person searches on that topic, the search engine can display the web site information in front of it. And this will increase the website visitors.

Why is search engine optimization important? There are plenty of web sites in the world. But the visitor does not know about your web site. And don’t know what kind of content in your web site. Then why or how a visitor will enter your website. Or the visitor knows about the content of your website but does he remember the website address? Of course not remember. Because there are thousands of other websites like your website. That’s why you need to make it easy for visitors to find your website. And the search engine will do this. However, search engines do not know about your website.

The search engine will have to cooperate to know the details about your web site. For this you have to submit your site to the search engine. However, if you submit your site will be presented to the visitor. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is needed. As a result, the search engine will present the content of your website first.

Search engine optimization has to be done in two ways. First On-page SEO then of-page SEO.

On-page SEO: refers to the optimization of the internal content of a web site. The key to doing this is to optimize content. And doing keyword research. And everything on the web site should be made search engine friendly.

The keyword here is the most important thing for a website to do SEO. A keyword is what a visitor searches for in search of content. And there are several important things to do in keyword research. And extensive research on keyword research topics helps with choosing the right keywords. That’s why keyword research is the most important thing for search engine optimization.

Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO is all the work that needs to be done outside of your website for search engine optimization. Creating backlinks, posting on forum sites, social bookmarks, etc. are important in this work. However, backlinks are very important for search engine optimization. Because Google thinks backlinks are so important when ranking web pages.

These are just the basic ideas of Web site search engine optimization. And why search engine optimization is needed. But if you want to become proficient for SEO then you need to know more details. And one has to learn to do all things alone. Only then can you prove yourself proficient.You may be surprised to know that many people have taken Search Engine Optimization as their profession.

How to make a website for free

If you want to make a website for free, you should read this article. There are so many options are available to make a website for free. If you have good coding knowledge, you can create your own website with simply by coding and then you need just a free web hosting. And if you do not know the coding, you can choose a free CMS platform with unlimited bandwidth. Here i have discussed some methods to make a free website.

With blogger:

Blogger is powered by google. And its mail site link is http://blogspot.com. If you do not know any coding this is the best site for creating a blog / website for free. In this platform you can also design your site as you want. To make a website or blog with this site, just open an account on this site by login with your gmail account. Here you can make unlimited numbers of website blog.

There are no coasts for this service. In the blogspot, you can add your own custom domain for free. If you have a to level domain, you can set this domain to the blogger site. And also there is no limit of bandwidth for traffic to your site. So this is the best place to create or make a website or blog for free. Keep in mind this is the sister concern of google, so this site never go shut down. You can make your website or blog without any hesitation.

With WordPress:

WordPress also a big Cm to make any website for free. You can visit wordpress.com and create an account to the site. You can make website in their own hosting or you can make website in your own hosting server. This is defends on you. If you like to host your wordpress site in your own hosting, you have to install the wordpress CMS in your hosting server. You can take free hosting from 000webhost.com, or you can buy a web hosting from host gator.

I think you have taken a free hosting from any free hosting site with cpanel. If you have search on google by this keyword “Free web hosting with cpanel” you will get many websites of free hosting. You have to register your account in that website. After registering your account you will get your hosting with cpanel login details.

Just login your cpanel and upload the wordpress CMS zip file. Than extract the zip file with extractor in cpanel. Then just install the site. Before start your installation, you have to create a database with a user account. Where you can install this wordpress CMS.

Dear friends, here i have discussed only the basics of a site making process. But you have to know the wide knowledge to install and make a website in cpanel. If you have any query, you comment below, i will help you from my all knowledge.

How to get free traffic to your site

Every website owners hope is more and more traffic to their site. Because traffic is the focus of a website owner. So if you are a website owner, than you also need traffic to your site. If you can get traffic to your site for free, you will never invest money for paid traffic for your site. And also paid traffics are not so effective for your business. So How you should market your site to get huge free unlimited traffic ? i have many ideas for that. Here i have discussed about some methods to get unlimited free traffics to your site.

1. From Google search engine:
Peoples are getting huge new experiences with google search engine every day. There are a billion of peoples are searching on google to get new experience about their own topics. So this is the best source to get huge traffic to your site. And we know that, always google free of charge and will be forever. So if you like to get traffic to your site for free, you should submit your site to google search engine.

2. From social networks:
Day by day social network sites are becoming more popular to people. Almost every country peoples of the world, use social network sites. There are so many social network sites are online. But some of these very popular to the whole world. Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. If you can make a good account on these social network site and if you can make a good communication with huge peoples on these social networks, than you can get huge free traffic of your site.

3. From bing search engine:
Bing is also a big search engine in the world. After google, this is most popular search engine in the whole world. So if you add your site to bing webmaster center, then you can get some more free traffic to your site. Some peoples do not submit their site to bing, but they do not know they are loosing how much traffic from this source. So this search engine should be your another good traffic source.

4. From social bookmarking sites:
Social bookmark sites are now very popular to all web marketer. This is huge opportunity to get huge free traffic to your site. Social bookmarking also more effective for search engine ranking for your site. We know the more ranking your site on google, the more traffic to your site. So Social bookmarking is the best source to get huge free traffic to your site.

5. From article directory sites:
Article directory sites are very good source for free traffic. If you post an article to an article directory site, you will get two benefits, one is traffic and two is a good quality back link. If you want to get targeted traffic to your site for free, article directory sites are very helpful for you. Because here you can post your product related articles. So if any visitor read your article, he also will know about your business of topics. So you should not avoid this system to get more free traffic to your business site.