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Career scope of Cabin crew courses

Cabin crew courses 


Working as a cabin crew for a recognized airline is a pleasing and challenging work experience. Besides jetting off to an exotic destination, the job demands a high degree of expertise and responsibility to deal with the safety and security of passengers in line. The course is best for young professionals seeking to get a head start in their careers, acquiring the dynamic skills and responsibilities supposed by the world’s leading airlines. 


Major emphasis is given to customer service and procedures for controlling and operating unusual situations during flights. The final syllabus of the course provides useful tips for completing the hiring process. This course also comprises of safety equipment method, trainer serving an overview of the aircraft, protecting equipment, and location of emergency method accessible through web or mobile.


Career scope 


Cabin crew is one of the major roles in the aviation industry. A cabin crew which includes an air hostess/ flight steward is responsible. 


Eligibility for pursuing Air hostess as a career 


To become a cabin crew, the aspirant must have done tenth and twelfth from any streak or an undergraduate degree in aviation.


The age limit for enrolling in the course is between 17 years and 26 years.


The candidate should be a minimum of 5.2 inches. He/she should be unmarried at the time of enrolling for the course.


The candidate should have normal ( 6/6 ) eyesight.


Career prospects 


To chase a successful approach towards cabin crew as a career one has to have a decent personality. 

The field has a vast scope to grow at a gradual pace with each passing year 


A career as a cabin crew also pays with excellent salary and a pleasant work environment. A cabin crew is paid up to 2 lakh rupees per month if working under an international airline.


The salary is between 30 thousand to 45 thousand with domestic airlines.


Besides regular monthly salaries, cabin crew is also entitled to other benefits such as discounts on flight tickets, retirement perks, and medical insurance.


Some of the top recruiters for cabin crews are Indian airlines, Delta airlines, Jet airways, etc.


Positions of cabin crew are based on work experience and performance. From the role of cabin crew, it’s possible to progress to the position of purser or high-level position. 


Purser has the same accountability as the general cabin crew however, they also are assigned the management responsibility of a certain cabin, such as first class of the business class. 


Being a purser, you’ll hold a responsibility to manage certain cabins, such as first-class or businesses-class. As a purser, you need to make sure that all cabin members are contributing to the highest level of customer service. Several airlines require a cabin to have between two to five years of work experience to become a Purser. 

Become more than a cabin crew member

Some air cabin crew also desire to become key personalities or important cabin crew known as executive cabin attendants. This type of work demands very important private clients, likely private aircraft. The clients are very renowned and may include some government officials of royal families. The very important level of service is supposed and employers who have two years of experience are being chosen for working in the premium class. A lot of VVIP positions are based in wealthy areas from gulf countries or the middle east.


Responsibility of a cabin crew


Be professional, honest, and courteous when you are in the field. 


Attend a pre-flight briefing, during which you will be slotted with your working tasks for the upcoming flight.


The cabin crew is assisted with all the details of flights, the schedule, the number of newborn kids on board, and if there are passengers with any special requirements, such as disabled passengers, or diabetic passengers.


Carry out pre-flight duties,  including checking the security and safety equipment, ensuring the craft has no litter left and if it’s so make sure to clean it. Also, the cabin crew must pass information in the seat pockets which should be up to date, and food, beverages, and stocks are on board.


Welcome passengers on boards and assist them to find their seats.


Inform passengers about safety procedures and ensure that all hand baggage and luggage are protected.


Check all seat belts before taking off.


Keep announcing on behalf of the pilot and respond to the questions asked by passengers during the flight.


Caters to meals and beverages.


Deal with any difficult or rude passenger politely and firmly, to ensure the safety and security of every passenger on the flight.


Provide first aid.




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