Beware of These Gynecological Disorders


Has fatigue become a continuing source of worry these days? Does pelvic pain offer you sleepless nights? Is heavy menstrual bleeding affecting your daily life? Are mood swings compounding your problems? Beware; you’ll be falling prey to gynecological disorders. Although doctors say that it isn’t easy to form an inventory of the foremost common problems that ladies generally suffer from, we will always means a number of the well-documented disorders which interfere with our everyday functioning. GYN Rochester Hills say that tons of the gynecological problems are associated with unhealthy lifestyle and may be prevented with simple changes like reorganizing our food habits. So here are some conditions which are quite common in women’s of all ages.


Endometriosis occurs when tissue found along the liner of the womb (endometrial) appears in other parts (eg ovaries, fallopian tubes and in or round the bladder or bowel) within the body. Doctors say that it’s quite common problem for ladies. It mainly affects girls and young women. “The common and curable symptoms of endometriosis are heavy, painful period, abdominal pain and pain or discomfort during sexual relationship.

Polycystic ovary (PCOS, PCOD or PCO)

This is another problem which will wreak havoc on women’s health; this will even impede a woman’s ability to conceive. Gynecologists say that this number can actually cross 35 per cent as an outsized number of PCOS cases go undiagnosed and unreported.

Basically, PCOS may be a condition where variety of cysts is found on the ovaries. Doctors say that PCOS may be a complex condition afflicting such organs because the hypothalamus, the pituitary glands, ovaries, pancreas, peripheral glucose-sensitive tissues and even skin.

There are several other ways PCOS are often addressed. If you’re overweight and are diagnosed with PCOS, losing weight can help regularize your cycle.


There’s more to PMS than simply mood swings. It can seriously affect a women’s physical and mental health in several ways. Affecting quite 80 per cent of girls round the world, PMS starts exposure five to 11 days before the particular menses.

Vaginal infections

Doctors say that these are usually related to poor personal hygiene. Consult with Dr Ramona Andrei, consultant Gynecologist in Rochester Hills, one among the foremost common complaints is getting rashes round the vulva. This is often caused mainly by the friction between the skin and sanitary towels.

Chronic pelvic pain

This is often a manifestation of other medical conditions or it can be a condition in itself. In any case, experts say that this is often one among the foremost common complaints from women. Needless to mention, you’ll experience severe and steady pain or intermittent pain or cramps within the pelvic region. You’ll also feel some heaviness within your pelvis.

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