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Best Funding Programs to Finance Your Studies in the UK

Best Funding Programs to Finance Your Studies in the UK

Have you ever imagined yourself walking around Big Ben? Studying at the ever-so-beautiful Wren Library? Or visiting Dartmoor National Park? Studying in the United Kingdom is a dream for most students. However, it can be quite difficult to study in the UK because of its expensive costs. But don’t worry, as essay viva interview service experts will guide you about student funding programs to turn your dream into reality.

Keep reading and plan your academic journey to the UK. Let’s get started!

Cost of Studying in the UK: What will You Spend?

If you are wondering about the expense of studying in the UK, your wait is finally over. Here we will discuss the cumulative expenditure of studying in the UK. So, let’s look at the breakdown:

1.      Tuition

The cost of a bachelor’s program in the UK ranges from £15,000 to £30,000 for international students.

For postgraduate degrees, universities charge a fee between £20,000 to £40,000 for international students.

2.      Accommodation

This depends on where you live. For example,

  • one-bedroom apartment outside the city center costs £610/month
  • one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs £740/month
  • three-bedroom apartment outside the city center costs £975/month
  • three-bedroom apartment in the city center costs £1,255/month

3.      Utilities

This will cost you around £90 to £160

4.      Food and Groceries

This will cost you around £150 to £250

5.      Immigration Health Surcharge (for International Students)

This will cost you £470/per year

6.      Student Visa (for International Students)

This will cost you £348 (one-time)

7.      Transportation

This will cost you around £55-£65

8.      Miscellaneous

This will cost you around £100-£200, depending on your needs and spending habits.


Therefore, if you plan to study abroad in the UK, you need to make up your mind about the cost of living. For around 9 months, the living cost will be between £10,000 to £15,000.

Here we will reveal some of the best funding options for studying in the UK.

Best Options to Finance Your Study in the UK

Studying in a foreign country is always an expensive option, and if the country is the UK, you need to manage your budget well. Without planning, you cannot do it. Therefore, we want to introduce you to some of the most helpful options for student financing in the UK. Have a look at them below:

1.      Personal or parental savings

If you want to pursue your master’s or PhD degree in the UK, you should start saving up as early as you can. This will help you save a significant amount towards higher studies in the UK.

Many students get assistance from their parental savings, and you can, too. If they can afford it, you can ask them to fully or partially fund you to study abroad.

2.      Student loans

International students often prefer loans to afford their tuition. Therefore, many loan programs, such as maintenance and tuition loans, are available to facilitate pupils in the UK.

Universities have different loan policies. Some may offer a partial loan to assist you with financial support for some of your university expenses. In contrast, others may offer you complete financial assistance to support your studies at the university. A maintenance student loan in the UK assists students in bearing their living costs.

There are two other types of student loans available:

  • Secured student loans: These loan programs require tangible or intangible security as collateral. These loans are beneficial for students as students don’t need to repay during the study period. Many students prefer this loan program because of its lower interest rates.
  • Unsecured student loans: This student loan program does not require any collateral, but its process is complex and has higher interest rates. Also, students need to repay some amount during the study period.

3.      Scholarships and grants

Most of the universities in the UK provide scholarships, and international students can apply for them easily. Some renowned institutes, like the University College London, the University of Cambridge, and Oxford University, offer international students scholarships and grants up to £30,000 per annum. These facilitation programs include need-based or merit-based scholarships. You can also apply for scholarships through governmental or non-governmental organizations.

Here are some common scholarships international students can benefit from:

  • Inlaks Scholarships
  • Cardiff India Scholarships
  • Chevening Fellowships
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM

4.      Part-time jobs

International students can work part-time jobs in the UK to manage expenses. If you are enrolled in a degree program, you can work 20 hours per week, but you need to get a full-term visa for your study period. Some of the best areas for part-time jobs in the UK include education, healthcare, accountancy, and marketing. These fields offer high remuneration packages, which is great for students. It will help you save some money, too!

One drawback of managing a part-time job with studies is that there is not enough time to complete projects and assignments. Students often end up getting bad grades or none at all (in case of a no-show). If you’re a student and experience this situation, the best option is to look for best essay writing services companies. However, make sure to hire a reliable service that can deliver a great service. If you need a recommendation, you can hire British Essay Writers, which is a credible academic assistance company. It assists students in completing their assignments to achieve excellent grades.

5.      Student assistantships

Most students fund their studies in the UK via research assistantships. This type of financial assistance program is available for students who want to pursue higher studies like a PhD or any other postgraduate degree in the UK. Usually, these assistantships compensate students according to a fixed number of hours, a fee waiver via scholarships or a set salary.

6.      Additional funding options

There are other options available for student financial assistance in the UK, such as grants for particular fields like nursing and healthcare, NHS support for medical or dental courses, and financial assistance through external organizations. Similarly, other organizations offer grants with various eligibility criteria like disability, minority, etc. If you belong to any of these marginalized groups, you can also avail of these opportunities.

In a Nutshell

Studying abroad in the UK is a dream of many students, but not everyone is privileged to pursue their studies here. Students need to bear living and studying costs to study. However, it does not mean you cannot study in the UK. We have discussed some of the most beneficial funding programs in this blog to help you finance your education. We hope it helps and you get into the university of your choice!

And when you do and face academic challenges, we’re here to help. You can place your order for professional assistance any time you need it!

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