Beginner Tips for Making Professional Looking Videos

The average person spends the high amount of time watching videos online than reading text or watching images. In fact, video accounted for 78% of all online traffic in 2018—meaning that when someone’s on the Internet, there’s a high probability they’re watching a video.

In this post, we have shared some practical video tips to get you started on making videos as a complete beginner. However, if you don’t have equipment for video production Grip and Lighting Rental would be a great option. By the end of it, you will be able to start incorporating videos into your company’s content marketing strategy or even make an extra return-on-investment by monetizing videos.


  1. Plan your Video Content

Believe it or not, the content of your video matters tons quite it’s quality.

That’s to not say the quality isn’t important—it sure is! But if you had to offer one aspect more attention, time, and energy, it might be planning your content properly.

To plan your video production, consider the important video tips:

Outline your goal- Are you trying to make people entertain? What are you looking to achieve with your visual elements? Are you promoting your product online? Teaching something interesting? Outline your goal before moving on in this industry. Once your goal is to determine go for 1 ton Grip Package Los Angeles company for rental equipment.

Identify your target audience- You can’t possibly target everyone within the world, because then who are you actually talking to? Not having a transparent vision of your ideal viewer groups will end in a diluted message within your video content.

Use the power of emotions- Emotions are what drive viewers to follow-through together with your call to action, whether that’s subscribing to your channel, sharing your video, or buying your product. It’s been proven over and once again that emotions triggered by content are what drive the motivations to hold through with CTAs.


  1. Avoid Using Camera’s Mic

The audio of your video can make or break your content, and there are a couple of simple things that you simply can do to save lots of the integrity of your video’s audio quality. If you opt 5 Ton Grip Package Los Angeles  you will get a special mic that records audio very clearly.

The best thanks to capturing audio from your subject is to use any microphone aside from your camera’s built-in mic. Using an external dedicated audio recorder is that the simplest and most reliable thanks to capturing audio. Although it’s not the top of the planet if you’ve got to use your camera’s mic, you ought to eventually get a separate one.


  1. Use Natural Lighting

Video production lighting is a whole system that requires more equipment and tools than I am sure you have at the moment. The best thing is natural lighting works best in photography and filming and is the most guaranteed way for you to nail the lighting in your videos or film shots.

Go for the best, shoot in outdoors on a cloudy day, or during the sunrise or an hour before sunset. As the natural light is so soft and cinematic you will have the best output.

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