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Aviator Leather Jackets, Fashionable & Durable

Aviator Leather Jackets, Fashionable & Durable

Among all the leather jacket types, aviator leather jackets are the most popular. The reason is simply their unbeatable functionality and luxurious styles. This blog tells everything you need to know about aviator leather jackets, their incredible features, and their sophisticated styles.

What Are the Aviator Leather Jackets

Aviator leather jackets or flight leather jackets were originally designed for US military pilots. The aviator jackets were famous to provide pilots with complete insulation against harsh colds and winds at high altitudes. During WWII, these leather jackets were perfect outwear for open cockpit planes.

Over the decades, the designs and styles of aviator leather jackets have seen many changes. However, the apparel remains popular regardless of the transformations. Without compromising the quality and extreme durability of aviator leather jackets, the bulkiness of the original class aviator leather jackets is now replaced by sophisticated and trimmed designs.

As it transcends from the US military, even today, the aviator leather jackets upgrade your style with handsome and strong masculinity. They are the symbol of confidence and class.  The classic vintage designs of aviator jackets with a combination of modern fashion makes them timeless outwear.

Materials Used for Aviator Leather Jackets

Manufacturers around the globe use different leather types to make aviator leather jackets. However, not all leather is equal in quality and other features. The type of leather affects its quality dramatically. The most commonly popular hides for flight leather jackets are cowhide, deerskin, and sheepskin.


Cowhide is the cheapest of all. It is strong and durable but has less flexibility. Still, the hide treatment process and the part of the animal from where the skin comes have a great impact on the quality of the leather jacket.


For those who don’t prefer the stiffness of cowhide jackets, deerskin is a good option for them. Deerskin aviator leather jackets have refined structures. They have similar functionality as cowhides. They are strong, durable, and waterproof. But the deerskin is much lighter than cowhides. Also, it is more flexible and has a smooth texture. Deerskin flight leather jackets feel fuzzier and more comfortable.


Genuine sheepskin or lamb skin leather aviator jackets are the most premium quality leather jackets. Sheepskin is the most timeless choice for your ideal leather jacket. It is much lighter and softer than all the other hides. In addition, it has maximum durability and can withstand wear and tear for decades. The warmth and insulation of sheepskin make aviator leather jackets comfortable for all seasons.

Best Features of Aviator Leather Jackets

Aviator leather jackets are popular outwear because of their versatile designs and maximum functionality. The other major characteristics of flight leather jackets are as follows:

Extremely Durable

One of the top qualities of aviator leather jackets is that their durability is unmatchable. They are strong and long-lasting. The sheepskin flight leather jackets can withstand rough wear and tear for decades.

Incredibly Warm

The pilot leather jackets since the times of WWII are providing incredible protection against extremely harsh weather conditions. The curly sheepskin design maintains the insulated air space and keeps you warm.


Along with being weatherproof, aviator leather jackets are also moisture-wrecking and waterproof. The sheepskin fibers stop the water from penetrating inside the core. Thus, along with regulating heat, it resists water perfectly.


The aviator leather jackets have a range of sophisticated styles which suits the taste of men and women of every age. The high versatility in the design and features of the flight leather jackets makes them timeless icons which never go out of trend.

Best aviator leather Jackets in Styles and Durability

RAF Aviator Real Sheepskin Jacket by SCIN

The RAF aviator leather jacket is extremely warm and durable. The full fur inside lining makes this jacket highly comfortable to wear while simultaneously providing incredible protection against cold. The jacket has adjustable buckles on the waist and cuffs. This not only provides perfect fitting but also complete insulation.

In addition to that, it features a shirt-style fur collar with buckle straps underneath, two outside handwarmer pockets, an open hem with fur, and front zipper closure. With a classic panel design on the front and back of the jacket, this masterpiece is the must-have outwear for every wardrobe.

Women B3 Bomber Hooded Classic Aviator Jacket by SCIN

From elegant styles and high functionality to economical prices, this women’s aviator leather jacket has it all. This masterpiece combines the sophisticated styles of aviator leather jackets with the classic features of the B3 bomber jackets and the extreme functionality of shearling jackets.

This beautifully designed sheepskin leather jacket provides unmatchable warmth. It is weather and waterproof. You can wear this masterpiece in light rain or snowy day, and it will not harm this jacket in any way. It has high-quality shearling fur lining inside. This is incredibly soft, comfortable, and fits perfectly on the body.

In addition, this jacket also features a detachable fur hood with strings and a shirt-style fur collar with adjustable buckle straps underneath. You can change your style depending on your mood and weather by removing the hood. It also has a front zipper closure, adjustable waist buckles, and open hem cuffs with fur. The jacket also features two side hands warmer pockets to maximize functionality. All in all, it is the best outwear to have in your modern-day wardrobe.

Men Ginger Aviator Cross Zipper Leather Jacket by SCIN

It would be an injustice if we talk about fashionable aviator jackets and skip this timeless piece. This real sheepskin leather jacket with its breasted designs and asymmetric zip closure instantly upgrades your style with classy looks.

In addition to the traditional classic design, this aviator leather jacket has multiple features to optimize its functionality. The incredible features include adjustable waist buckles, a fur collar with a buckle strap under the collar, open hem cuffs, and two angled handwarmer pockets. In addition to that, it also has full faux fur lining inside. This material is weatherproof, water resistant, moisture absorbing, soft, and extremely comfortable. You can pair this aviator leather jacket with any outfit, and it will instantly highlight your persona.

The Bottom Line

The aviator leather jackets are classic winter attire for men and women of every age group. Its popularity and demands are not bounded by any border. This is because of its exceptional durability, longevity, and luxurious styles.

For a premium quality best aviator leather jacket, visit Leather SCIN. They have a range of styles, sizes, colors, and designs for their high-quality flight leather jackets. From real sheepskin material to delicate and flawless craftsmanship, they create every product with utmost care.
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