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Things Outsourcing Asp.Net Development Project

Things to consider before outsourcing an Development Project

One of the primary sources of information and communication with companies today is the web. Not only this but there are applications across various platforms today that serve various purposes. Emerging technologies provide a myriad of alternatives for application development. There are various frameworks available to aid in the building of robust, scalable, and flexible applications. ASP.NET is one such framework. Whenever a company wants to benefit from the framework, it is best to outsource development projects to an offshore company. 

Microsoft’s .Net framework is a software framework. It provides a simple, comprehensive, and universally structured programming model that enables the creation of simple and sophisticated applications. It incorporates a number of technologies (UDDI, WDSL, OOP, ASP, SOAP, XML) and programming languages (C++, VB, C#, J#). ASP.NET framework can be used to fulfill a list of development needs. It can be used in eCommerce web development, web-based applications, portal development, mobile app development, and more.

Why should I outsource ASP.Net development?

There are various advantages to using ASP.Net; yet, the complete procedure may be difficult and time-consuming. In addition, the earlier process of starting new projects meant looking for professionals with a specific skill set. Also, vendors would be required to provide the infrastructure. 

Everything is at your fingertips in this highly connected age, including top-tier personnel and infrastructure to assist the project at reasonable pricing. Outsourcing allows for this. To avoid these issues, most companies look forward to outsource development. Moreover, outsourcing gives a lot of benefits to the companies as well.

Reduction of development costs

Keeping an in-house development team may prove to be more expensive for companies. However, hiring remote .NET developers helps in reducing development costs. This helps small organizations and start-ups.

Perfect project management

Most outsourcing firms use agile approaches and modern management technologies to provide transparent communication. High-trust platforms like Jira, Slack, Asana, Kanban Board, and others aid in the development of a system that enables the communication between engineers and clients.

A large talent pool

ASP.Net is a well-known online application framework. Many developers prefer to use.NET development and its programming language. The outsourcing business has matured, and highly competent  developers can be found in practically any part of the world. 

Ukraine is among the most dependable IT centers in the globe, with a large number of experts who can create top-notch  applications for your company.

Focus on primary business goals

When you outsource development services to a third party, you will be able to focus on your main company objectives while knowing that specialists will oversee the entire development process. As a result, you will be able to attain your goals effectively and perform better overall.

Better knowledge

When you engage an offshore specialist, you have more options because you are not limited to a location or time zone that has the expertise and talents you require. You can search foreign outsourcing sites and filter out applicants based on the set of talents you require, delivery time, availability, time zone, and a variety of other characteristics.

On-time delivery

A time-tested approach is used by an overseas development team to assure timely delivery while retaining the highest quality. Teams employ time-tracking and prototyping technologies to assess the scope of the project and estimate the delivery time.

What should you consider before outsourcing ASP.Net development project?

Outsourcing can help you in many ways, including cutting down development costs. However, you must always consider certain aspects before you outsource your ASP.Net project to an offshore company. It is important to verify whether you are doing business with a legitimate firm.

1. Credibility of the firm

Always keep in mind to hire an web development company that is credible and has excellent records. When evaluating its legitimacy, consider factors such as the firm’s longevity, skill, and experience. It is critical to consider longevity because companies that have been around in business for a long time are highly respectable and reliable. 

If they have been in the business for a while, they have most likely delivered good outcomes and developed positive relationships with their customers. They could not have survived for this long, say, ten years if they had been not doing something worthwhile.

You can also look at the company’s testimonials and client reviews to learn more about its credibility. Client’s feedback on their works will undoubtedly provide you with a model of the workmanship they produce.

Another indicator of a company’s credibility is its infrastructure. Make certain that a company has a physical office. Some of the businesses that operate from home are frequently unreliable. Check to see if the company has ISO 9000 or CMMI quality certifications. These certifications demonstrate the company’s software development processes’ quality.

2. Trained in Microsoft technologies

When outsourcing the project, take into account the developer’s experience with other Microsoft technology projects. You should determine whether the firm has experience with various Microsoft technologies such as VB.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, and ASP.NET.

You should investigate whether the developers used .NET in conjunction with other technologies such as Windows Azure, Kentico, and Sharepoint in an attempt to manage and construct web Apps.

3. Quality

Aside from the firm’s credibility, you should look into the professionalism of the specialists to whom you are outsourcing your work. You will need to focus on the developers’ experience, technical skills, and certification. 

You should inquire whether these developers are authorized to work on Microsoft.Net projects. Do they have prior experience developing applications and projects from the ground up? Asp.Net expertise is a must, therefore think about whether or not they specialize in that framework.

4. Awards and certifications

You should also analyze the company’s validation in the.NET industry. To learn more about the quest for the firm’s collaborations, awards, and other industry recognitions, click here. You should also confirm their experience with certifying agencies and organizations that have certified them.

5. Mobility equipment

Some software applications fail to account for the need for mobility. Mobility support is critical, and it necessitates the integration of Microsoft technologies with technologies such as iOS, HTML5, and Android. The firm you wish to hire should consider this aspect, as well as offer in-house development support for mobile app technology.

It is critical that they do this so that you do not suffer additional expenditures while looking for further development to assist you in the creation of applications for mobile platforms. Firms such as ASP.NET are capable of powering even mobile apps, making them a smart choice.

6. Delivery of complex project

You should also assess whether the company has prior experience delivering complex.NET projects. The tasks that a programmer has worked on make him more skilled. As a result of his ability to manage complex projects, he will succeed in future ventures. 

Choose a business that has performed on a large number of difficult.NET projects and is confident that it will excel in your project. You should also think about whether the organization to whom you are exporting the job will be able to match your expectations. Hire a company that will satisfy your specifications.

7. Business maturity

When approaching a development firm, look at its website to see how many years it has been in business. Assess based on available resources, employee count, development processes, communication, transparency, and online firm reviews (if any).

Don’t be swayed by the cost consideration. Outsourcing is primarily motivated by the need to save money, but saving money should not come at the expense of project quality.

8. Experience

Examine the company’s overall experience with.NET projects. Experience would provide a solid return on investment and surpass your project development goals. Experience also indicates the service provider’s capacity. 

Furthermore, if the organisation is offering hiring plans, assess the experience of each individual developer. Considering expertise early on will save you time and money during the development phase.

9. Expertise

Outsourcing organizations are well-known for their knowledge of various frameworks and technologies. You must examine the skills that are required for your project. Developers can learn Net frameworks rapidly, but only a professional can produce the necessary results. 

As a result, it is vital to examine the development team’s level of competence. An expert hand will be able to create a roadmap and apply the methodology that meets. Net project development requirements must be met on schedule. 


Even though offshoring Microsoft .Net projects have many advantages, you must consider that there is a lot at stake. As a result, you should exercise caution when selecting a firm to offshore the project to. 

You must assess a variety of aspects, including their knowledge, credibility, accolades, and partnerships, among others. When hiring a company, use data from these aspects rather than gut reactions. Following the points mentioned above will help you in choosing the right firm to outsource your ASP.Net project.

Bhvaika Chauhan
Bhvaika Chauhan
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