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Arlo Camera Blinks Orange: How to Fix It?

Arlo Camera Blinks Orange: How to Fix It?

Are you struggling with Arlo’s camera blinking orange? Most users face these types of errors with their Arlo cameras. We all know that the Arlo camera is very easy to use. There are various types of models in Arlo cameras, and they all come with many features. We can easily use these features. It also comes with multiple colors of LED lights. Every blinking light tells us about a different error. We must understand the entire process, so we quickly fix Arlo’s flashing orange. It becomes easier for us to resolve the error and uses them effectively.

Why Is My Arlo Camera Blinking Orange?

It is the query of many users, why is my Arlo camera blinking orange? There are various reasons for this error. When the charge of the camera is low, it shows these errors. It means the camera is not fully charged, so Arlo’s camera blinks orange. The Arlo camera may also be experiencing a hardware issue. Arlo cameras are sometimes banned from Wi-Fi as well. 

When the batteries are low, despite their cables working accurately, it shows Arlo’s camera blinking orange. It also occurs due to drained batteries. When the Arlo camera does not sync properly to the base station, it also shows this error. It is also necessary for us to check our batteries and replace them. It quickly helps in fixing the Arlo camera blinks orange.

Ways To Fix Arlo Camera Blinks Orange

It is also necessary for us to fix Arlo’s flashing orange. Here we discuss the various methods to fix the current problem.

Re-insert Batteries

Batteries need to be reinserted into the Arlo camera. It circulates power within the doorbell. Re-inserting the batteries in the Arlo camera is easy.

  • There is a need to remove the Arlo camera from the wall stand.
  • Here we shift the battery compartment button downward 
  • Now remove its cover.
  • There is also a need to remove the defensive straps of the battery
  • Remove the batteries.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Now we put the batteries back.
  • Here we reinstall the compartment.

For it to work appropriately, the batteries need to be inserted correctly. An error message appears when the batteries are not positioned properly. When a problem is resolved, users can see if the Arlo camera blinks orange. If that doesn’t work, users can proceed to the next step. There is a need to read all instructions properly, so users can quickly reinsert batteries perfectly.

Charge Arlo Camera

They must quickly charge their Arlo camera. We know that when the charge is low in the camera, it shows Arlo’s camera blinking orange. We can use these steps to charge our Arlo camera. Go to the wall stand and remove the camera.

  • It is necessary to remove the USB cover; it is located at the bottom of the camera.
  • There is a need to plug the charger into a power outlet 
  • Here we also attach the USB cable.
  • There is a need to connect the second end of the cable with the Arlo camera.
  •  Now we wait for a few minutes.
  • It is time to check existing error is solved

Re-Sync With Base Station

Sometimes our Wi-Fi network does not connect with the base station, so the error of Arlo flashing orange occurs. It is also vital that the camera sync properly with the base station. It works more effectively. Check these steps for re-syncing the camera.

  • On the hardware side, there is a sync button
  • It is necessary to press and hold the sync button for a few seconds. It is located on one side of Arlo’s camera Login.
  • Users can also check the sync status using the Arlo app.

Reset Arlo Camera

When the above methods do not solve the issue of Arlo flashing orange, it becomes necessary for us to reset Arlo’s camera. It is also necessary to remember that when we do a factory, reset, it removes all settings. There is a need to save all the data properly. We can easily do a reset with the help of the Arlo camera.

  • Launch the Arlo app on your favorite device.
  • Go to settings.
  • We must choose our devices.
  • Here we choose a reset the camera.
  • Now we can tap on the removable device.
  • It is crucial to press Yes to confirm.
  • Go back to the device page.
  • There is a need to press add a new device. Here we select cameras.
  • Now we follow all on-screen instructions and re-add the camera.
  • There is a need to follow the steps and sync it with the base station.
  • Here we check whether the Arlo camera blinks orange is solved or not.

These steps are effective to fix the problem. It is also vital to follow all steps properly and perform them perfectly.

Replace Camera Batteries

Users can also change the batteries of the Arlo camera. It becomes more necessary when we use our Arlo camera regularly. It quickly solves the Arlo flashing orange. We can use these steps to replace the batteries. 

  • First, we remove the Arlo camera from the wall stand.
  • There is a need to move the battery compartment thoroughly.
  • Here, we remove its old batteries and replace them with new ones.
  • There is a need to put the compartment back.
  • It is imperative to check whether the issue is solved or not.

Wrap Up

When we know why is my Arlo camera blinking orange it becomes easier for us to fix them. Users can use the above methods and solve the issue quickly. It is also crucial to watch all steps properly and fix Arlo’s camera blinks orange. There is a need to follow all instructions accordingly, so it becomes easier to fix the all problems. When users can read all their manuals and other details, they can easily Arlo camera and quickly understand its features. It is necessary to know the meanings of LED lights on the Arlo camera, so it can easily fix when it shows any errors.



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