Apple Store closed again

Apple has to close the Apple Store in the second phase to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. They have also closed 25 percent of Apple stores in the United States. One store in the UK and one in Australia have also been closed. There are 261 Apple stores in the United States, of which 7 have closed.

Apple closed 30 more stores on Wednesday after closing 50 last week. As a result, products are being sold online. You have to book online before coming to the store to repair the product.

Apple’s NintendoFive Mac, a specialized media outlet, has suggested using the Apple Support and Apple Support apps to ensure that customers don’t crowd in to fix products at Apple’s Genius Bar.

Apple closed the Apple Store for the first time last March to prevent coronavirus infections. Then in May, when the infection subsided, they reopened 100 Apple stores in 21 states in the first phase. But because of the Apple Store, many shopping malls were crowded and Apple was forced to close them again.

At the moment, 14 lakh 79 thousand 596 people are infected with coronavirus in the United States. 13 thousand 798 people have died in the country. The United States is now the most affected by coronavirus in the world.

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