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13 Must-Have Apartment Amenities According To Top Builders In Kolkata

13 Must-Have Apartment Amenities According To Top Builders In Kolkata

With that being said, what are the absolute must-have amenities you need? We’ve compiled a list for you based on the valuable input of experts that you can read below. For your convenience, we’ve divided them into sections – in-unit and community amenities so you get a better idea of what each of them comprise.

In-Unit Amenities 

According to residential property developers, in-unit amenities are defined as those amenities that you enjoy within your apartment, that make your life easier and help you save time. The following in-unit amenities are considered as essential –

Kitchen islands and countertops 

Nothing feels better than walking into a well-designed kitchen that is equipped with a proper sink, a backsplash wall, gorgeous tiles and a proper countertop. Having a pre-made kitchen in your chosen apartment can save you time and money as you don’t have to put in the extra effort to design on your own.

Fully equipped bathroom

Think geyser points, shower heads and sanitaryware. Having a fully-equipped bathroom from the get-go not only simplifies the move-in process but also makes it quicker, which can be particular beneficial when you’re in a rush to move in to your new house.

Air conditioning power points 

It’s common knowledge that to install air conditioners in your house, you need a separate power unit. Now think of the hassle of moving into a home where you have to get it individually installed in every room. Obviously having AC power points baked in can make your life much easier.

Cable TV/broadband and telephone provision 

When you’re moving into a new house, especially a new area, it requires some research into which television/broadband or telephone service provider works best in the neighbourhood. An apartment that gives you this facility pre-installed can save you the effort.

Private balconies/terraces

Having a place to lounge in privacy while enjoying the views your complex has to offer is a major boon. You can argue that it may cost a little extra, but it will be well worth the premium if you get a decently sized space to enjoy your morning coffee in a mood of quietness and contemplation.

Pet-friendly units 

Got pets? Having a pet-friendly policy in your building might not exactly count as an amenity but it’s one of those extra features that can certainly help you decide if a particular apartment is for you or not.

Community Amenities 

Community amenities are those that are placed in the common areas of a residential complex and are accessible to and enjoyable by all. Reputed real estate companies in Kolkata make it a point to include the following crucial community amenities –

Parking space 

Street parking is no fun, is it? It can be a nightmare. You might not alwyas get your usual spot, there’s always the fear of damage and sometimes parallel parking can be way too tight for comfort. That’s why it’s better to go for a complex that offers on-site covered parking for your peace of mind.

Security features 

Complexes that offer you round the clock security – both manual and digital – along with a gated community to dwell in are easily worth the extra rent you may have to shell out every month. When your property hunting, look out for features such as security cameras, on-site guards, video phones at the apartment gate etc. After all, it’s important to feel secure in your own home.

Swimming pool

Imagine you’ve had a tiring day and at the end of it, you get splash about and float in a cool pool, feeling the stress of the day melt away. Or you spend your weekends just lazing by the pool. Isn’t that amazing? That’s what makes swimming pools a must-have amenity in any residential complex, according to top builders in Kolkata.


Whether you exercise casually or just like to stay on top of yout fitness goals, a gymnasium in your complex can help you get a little bit of activity in your day. Even if you’re not the super active kind, having the facility of a gym may just motivate you to add fitness to your timetable.

Community hall

Life is a series of events – and some of them are so momentous, you have to celebrate them. For moments like these, it’s vital to have a community hall/banquet in your apartment complex. Not only does it save you the hassle of finding and booking a venue but it also makes the decorating and getting the venue so easy because it’s already in your building.


If you live on the first or second floor, you might think an elevator is just not necessary. Except for the days you grocery shop. But if you live, say on the 8th floor, taking the stairs everyday is just not an option. Having an elevator in your building can make your daily trip to your apartment much smoother.

Play areas & landscaped lawns

Whether you have kids, or are moving into a new apartment with the intention to start a family, play areas and landscaped lawns can help you lead a more well-rounded life. You could stroll or sit in the landscaped lawns while watching your kids play, never worrying about making a trip to that public park two stops away.

While the above amenities are an absolute must-have according to top builders in Kolkata, you can twist and tweak the list to find an apartment that checks all the right amenities boxes for you. Rest assured, if you get these amenities, you will find your life to be much easier as you enjoy your new home.



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