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Get Solved: Alexa Setup Not Connecting To The Internet

Get Solved: Alexa Setup Not Connecting To The Internet

Alexa is an outstanding personal assistant who gives you the ability to do many things. It allows for managing many things in an incredibly efficient and intelligent manner. Alexa is a small but excellent device offering a wide range of applications.

It is, however, dependent on a stable internet connection to function appropriately. For Alexa to respond to your requests, it must be connected to the home network.

However, if your Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi, you are wasting money on an expensive paperweight.

Read this guide till the end to learn what to do if you encounter these issues. Furthermore, you will find out How to fix Alexa Setup so that no error messages appear.

Why Alexa Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?


It is annoying when an Amazon Echo claims it’s “having trouble connecting to the internet right now.” The device will not handle commands or stream media without an active internet connection. Trying to fix this error message can be confusing as it can mean several things. 


Listed below are a few reasons for this error:


** There could also be an Amazon issue, though this is not so common. 


Whatever the case is, you should start with simple fixes to attempt to fix the problem. Here are some possible causes and methods for solving this issue.


  • Server End Problem:


Amazon servers are responsible for converting your voice commands into instructions your speaker can hear. 


This message means that your Echo device cannot connect to Amazon servers. It may have happened because your device lost connection to your router or your ISP is temporarily unavailable. 


  • An Unreliable Internet Connection:


When your Echo Show fails to connect to Wi-Fi, you may not have a stable internet connection. It is also possible to experience internet outages from time to time. A malfunction in maintenance or the server of the manufacturer can also cause this.


  • Faulty Network Device:


If the network device itself is malfunctioning, Alexa can fail to connect to the internet. This is due to improperly network functioning of routers. In such a situation, you can try restarting the device and see if that helps. 


  • Wrong Wi-Fi Password: 


Connection issues can also occur due to incorrect passwords. Hence, type in the correct password to have a working internet connection.


  • An Out-of-Range Echo Device:


You may be experiencing this error message because your device has moved out of range. 

Despite successful Wi-Fi scanning, the Alexa device may not be able to communicate if it is out of range. It is possible to solve this problem by moving the device closer to the router.


  • External Interference:


There is the risk of physical interference between Alexa and the network if another smart-home device is present between them.

Keep the line-of-sight path clear by removing obstructions.


How to fix a Wi-Fi connection problem with Alexa?


So let us take a look at how to fix the above scenarios!


  • Inspect The Internet Connection:


In some cases, Alexa can connect to your router but not access your ISP. Before playing around with settings or pressing random buttons, you should make sure the internet connection is not down. 

Open the browser on the device and use the online service by entering a URL. In most cases, a problem with your network or internet connection is the one that keeps your Echo Dot from connecting to WiFi.


  • Restart the Router:


The problem may also lie with the router if your Alexa has trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. A quick power cycle for the router is a good idea before making any changes to Alexa settings. Although the process varies between models, the general concept is the same. 

Wait for a few moments to let everything clear out for a few seconds before reactivating the device. 

However, if your router loses signal, then any devices connected to the router will lose signal. Make sure to inform your family members beforehand.


  • Reboot Your Alexa Device:


Sometimes, Alexa may not connect to the internet even if the router works fine. In such a case, you need to restart the little assistant to resolve the issue.

Due to the lack of a power button, you need to unplug it from the power source to turn it off. Reconnect it after 25-30 seconds. Once Alexa has finished setting up, test the connection by speaking commands to it.


  • Try Changing the Bandwidth:


The channel width determines how much data can be transmitted. It also helps in increasing the speed and getting the signal around solid obstacles. 

Therefore, consider switching the channel width. If your router supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz, you can change the bandwidth.

Since the 2.4 GHz side band offers a better range, changing the frequency will help Alexa connect to the internet. Alternatively, a 5GHz band will enhance the signal strength of the device.


  • Reposition the Devices:


A solid connection requires your device and router to be close enough to each other. The Echo device won’t connect to WiFi unless they are close enough. There should be nothing in the middle that can interfere with the wireless signal.

The proximity of microwaves, FM radios, and baby monitors can disrupt the Wi-Fi signal. So, ensure the removal of these electronic devices. 

Some users even report that other smart home devices cause interference.


  • Getting Alexa Back to Factory Defaults:


The only way left to fix Alexa connectivity issues is to perform a factory reset on your device.

Steps for Resetting the device to factory defaults may differ for the first-generation or second-generation Echo.

To finish the process, follow the onscreen instructions to register your echo device once more.


A Last Word Of Advice:


In this final section, we conclude the article. It is now clear how to deal with when Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Are you still having trouble connecting Alexa to the internet? 

For further assistance, you can contact the experts. Give us a call, and we will guide you through the Alexa Setup and Alexa Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi process.



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