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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hard lure baits

1 Throwing distance – many hard baits have special design of long-range casting system, so that the weight of the bait can be transferred to the tail of the bait when throwing, thus changing the gravity center of the bait and increasing the flying distance of the bait. Due to the small shape of the iron bait, the resistance can be increased, such as the hard plate. Most of the time, metal bait has become the preferred bait for many anglers because of its excellent performance.

2 Durability – another advantage of hard bait is that hard bait can withstand the attack of target fish and general abrasion. If used properly, the service life of hard bait will certainly be longer than that of soft bait.

3 Large vibration / stroke – the hard structure enables some hard baits to vibrate violently under water, thus triggering the attack response of some fish. Hard bait such as metal VIB can clearly feel the strong vibration of bait in the water from the fishing rod. Some soft baits have the same high frequency vibration, such as T-tail soft bait or soft VIB, but their vibration is much more subtle than hard bait.

4. The unique swing swimming style, such as submerged pencil, Minnow and other hard baits, is designed with a unique underwater swing movement to imitate the injured bait fish. Soft lure is difficult to achieve this kind of swimming stroke with large swing.

5. Wave crawling on the water surface is one of the most characteristic lures. The shape and structure of the front part of the wave can form a large bubble under the water and a large water spray on the water surface. The larger sound and the vibration of the water can attract the target fish in a longer range.

6 sound – many hard baits have rattle beads that attract fish by sound. The hard structure of the hard bait is easier to make sound, and the sound is relatively larger and can spread further. Although there are some soft baits that can be inserted into small accessories with rattles, the sound of the soft bait is far less loud than that of the hard bait.


1. There are restrictions on the types of hooks – hard baits need to use specific types of hooks in many cases, usually Sanben hook, iron plate hook and single hook. The biggest problem of Sanben hook is that it is troublesome to take off the hook and there is a certain risk. Many people have such bad experience. When they take off the hook, Sanben hook accidentally gets into their hands. The price of iron plate hook is relatively high, and there are too few types of single hook.

2. Easy to run fish – hard bait is easier to get off hook due to the target fish’s jumping, gill washing and other actions. If you use iron plate hook on the hard bait, the probability of decoupling and running fish will be reduced.

3 can’t hide the hook tip – one of the advantages of soft bait is that it can hide the hook tip inside the bait, and it can still hook the fish mouth when the target fish bites or swallows the soft bait. This can effectively reduce the probability of bait hanging grass, and relatively speaking, it is more difficult to hang the bottom in the structure area. The hard bait can’t do this, so it will be easier to catch the sundries and the bottom of the water than the soft bait with hidden hook.

4. Impaction resistance – although generally speaking, hard bait is more durable than soft bait, if hard bait hits hard objects such as rock, cement or metal during throwing, it is easy to cause the bait body to crack and damage and cannot be used again.

5. The hook is easy to hang on the fishing line – when using the Sanben hook, sometimes when the bait falls on the water or there are some mistakes in the operation, the front wire is usually wound on the hook after the fishing line contacts with the hook. Using single hook to replace Sanben hook can significantly reduce the entanglement probability.

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