Paragraph traffic jam

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Paragraph traffic jam

Traffic jams are usually caused by road work, accidents, heavy construction work, stagnation of vehicles, or prolonged random driving at very slow speeds. Traffic jams are observed in almost all countries of the world. Traffic congestion is more prevalent in underdeveloped or developing countries than in developed countries. Traffic jam is the name of an intense pain in the life of a citizen. The urban life of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, seems to be a reflection of this suffering.

Although the discovery of various high-speed vehicles in modern science has undoubtedly made life dynamic, traffic jams have brought stagnation back to that speed. Hour after hour of important time is wasted due to traffic jams. It is difficult to reach the destination at the right time. It wasted thousands of working hours. The accident happened due to rushing to reach the destination. Ambulances, vehicles of various service organizations including fire service could not reach the important work in time. The upper class, middle class and lower class of the state all suffer from it.

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A study by the Texas Transport Institute found that the United States loses about 110 billion Dollar a year due to traffic congestion. In Europe, the situation is even more dire. A statement from the Asian Development Bank said more than 200 billion euros a year were lost to traffic congestion in Europe. According to three engineers of the Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department (RHD), the financial value of the damage caused by traffic jams in Dhaka city is around Tk 19,000 crore every year. Thus, the world and national economy is being damaged due to traffic jams.

The Bangladesh government has taken various steps to reduce traffic congestion. The perimeter of the road is being increased by constructing flyovers and over bridges. Plans are afoot to build metrorails and flyovers. Most of the roads are being converted into paved roads. Underdeveloped broken and dilapidated roads are being repaired. However, some more steps can be taken to ease the traffic congestion on the roads.

1. Short roads should be made as long and wide as possible.
2. Everywhere car parking has to be stopped.
3. Unlicensed vehicles or illegal vehicles must be stopped.
4. Traffic laws need to be made more effective and the number of traffic police needs to be increased. They need to be trained.
5. Political processions and meetings must be stopped on the busiest streets.
6. Unplanned house construction must stop.
7. Roads should be multi-lane and separate lanes should be provided for slow and fast vehicles.
8. Public buses will have to be arranged in Dhaka city instead of private cars.
9. Development infrastructure like Dhaka city needs to be expanded in the divisional cities.
10. Well-known and expensive schools and colleges have to be set up outside Dhaka city as well.
11. The departmental city also needs to have better medical centers, hotels and restaurants.
12. The number of minibuses should be reduced and double decker buses should be provided.
13. Adequate dividers should be provided on the roads.
14. Extensive workplace opportunities need to be created at the divisional and district level so that not everyone gathers in the city.
15. Illegal hawkers must be evicted from the streets of the capital Dhaka.
16. Rail communication and shipping need to be improved.
16. Helicopters should be used for the travel of important persons of the state.
16. High VAT should be levied to discourage the purchase of private cars.

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